Planted in 1999 the olive grove has a tough time of it, sitting on an exposed hill across the valley from our 195 vineyard. The soils are shallower and less fertile and winds from all directions batter the trees. Working hard against these elements, the trees annually produce small parcels of fruit, which are hand-picked, cold pressed and settled in our cellars until blending. Our four varieties Frantoio, Corregiolo, Nevadillo de Blanco and The Unknown are kept separate until this stage at which point critical tasting is conducted to create anywhere up to three individual blends.

Our olive oil is used extensively in the kitchen of our cellar door as part of our seasonal menu. It is also available for tasting and purchase in the cellar door. 

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Frantoio / paragon

Said to be the benchmark for olive oil in italy, the fruit is small in size, ripens late in the season, and has a very high oil content. Although the tree has medium to high vigour, the mature tree generally grows low at about 8 metres with an expansive crown and long pendulous fruiting branches, producing regular medium crops. The fresh oil is generally distinctly fruity and can be quite bitter in which years it is used as a blending component. It's excellent balance of acids allows the oil to be kept for up to two years.


Also often used as a benchmark for olive oil in italy, corregiolo is from the same varietal population ("family") as frantoio with slight generic variation. The plant and olive growth are quite similar, producing small fruit with slightly softer, rounder flavours.           

Nevadillo de blanco / picual

The most widely grown olive variety in spain. The growth is slightly more upright and taller than the frantoio and is the lowest cropping of our varieties. When fully ripe, the skin is shiny black and the flesh turns from a light brown to wine pink in colour. It has a robust, full bodied flavour classically described as having grassy or woody mid-palate and a slightly peppery finish that does not linger.

The unknown!

Very distinctly, open and upright growth habit with a lighter, more silver grey foliage. The cropping is uncannily consistent each year, quite weird for an olive tree. The fruit is tiny and when ripe are dark black. The flavours are of ripe melon with a long peppery finish and noticeable bitterness. A case of olive oil for anybody who can positively identify the variety!